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If there were an Ali Baba’s Cave, entering the La Porte d’Or would be the closest you’d come to it. Two floors where every square inch is filled with treasures from Morocco and the Orient. Enormous vases of intricate décor rimmed with metal, marble fountains that look as if they were taken out of the Alhambra, furniture inlaid with mother-of-pearl, Orientalist paintings, jewelry from as far as the chests of India’s nobility, daggers and muskets that belonged to former warlords.

But La Porte d’Or’s unmatchable treasure is in fact the Cave, the gallery’s basement. Here, over several generations, we amassed an astounding collection of traditional Moroccan rugs representing the weaving styles of all tribal groups in the Kingdom, from the Beni Ouaraïns of the North, whose finely carded wool resembles silk, to the Taznakhts of the deep South, with their abstract renditions of the tribe’s surroundings.

La Porte d’Or’s basement walls are blanketed from floor to ceiling with colorful piles of folded carpets, grouped by tribe, and no-one knows how many pieces are there. It is an assortment that far surpasses any other shop in the country for variety and quantity, and any local museum’s textile exhibit in quality.

These treasures, along with the staff’s knowledge and integrity, have made La Porte d’Or THE destination not only for international gallery buyers but also for a host of the world’s “who’s who”: movie stars, rock stars, politicians (including one former U.S. President), fashion designers, et al. You can admire our candid photos spread around the store’s walls.

We invite you for a break, from the hustle and bustle of the Marrakech medina to our website for a relaxed look at our gems of high-quality, original craftsmanship, luxury Moroccan rugs, Kilim, runners, and all kind of berber rugs. You’re always welcome, never with pressure to buy.